10 Jan 2010


I really should be doing more research in my sketch book, but I despratly need to go into college this week seeing as college was shut from wed-fri due to the snow... I managed to get the Vogue and Elle magazines for inspirations as they have lingerie in there. my start of my research I thought i begon with corsetry so I drew the back of one where the lace-up is.

I shall try and keep my blogging up when I get the chance, the snow is very distracting  :]

6 Jan 2010

Heels for Topshop

Louise Golidin is about to launch her first shoe collection for Topshop. There not available just yet but look out for the super- spikey from February 5th.

Any size fits all

Its great to see curves and look good on what ever size body you are, to make you feel great as you look! Photography from Terry Richardson, V magazine.


Here are my lovely kneclaces I promised. They really are beautiful! Im going to finish of my illustrations now so ill write soon as.

5 Jan 2010

Fashion Illustration

Had fashion illustration today, we just drew clothes from a manikin for today just to get used to drawing clothes and how they are set on a body, seeing as we only drew naked people before.
It had to be in black and white so I done mine in fineliner, my style is either sketch and I love the use of biro its one of my favs!
Heres my illustration, its needs more work on it, I was planning putig a black background on around it or on one side using ink.

Before going to college, me and Jade went shopping, I found the most cutest knecklaces from accessorize as they were having a  sale, most of them 70% off , ill upload some pictures of them soon along with my clothes from Zara.

4 Jan 2010

Lady GaGa, Marc Jacobs

Ok, so this whole wearing your undearwear as outerwear for Spring/ Summer 2010 Im starting to like. It great that Im doing lingerie/ corsetry for my study and then getting to design my cocktail dress based around this, which Im now starting to get into and getting more ideas, I would love to do and look at.
Even Lady GaGa obviously love the idea of this and strutted her stuff at the 13th Annual 2009 ACE Awards in NewYork, wearing Marc Jacobs and John Galliano.

And the GaGa caught attention by wearing a red see-through lace catsuit at the Marc Jacobs  Spring/ Summer fashion show after party

oh and just to mention theese heels are pretty lush!

2 Jan 2010

January sales

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to go look around Brighton just to have a nose at what that sales are like, and I found these gorgeous skinny leg trousers in Zara and I loved the cross hatch pattern on each leg. Proberly not the best of angles but just to show..

And also I got a navy and black colour bodice skirt which I just had to get ^_^ I will upload a pic of it soon but now thats its late the lighting isnt the best.

My pleate collection

I chose pleates for my final idea for my project last term becuase i found some awesome stairs in the metropolitan of paris book and how the stairs spirals down . Its not the material that I would of chosen to use, but it shall do for the moment.

And these are some illustrations of my collection as part of this ^