19 Nov 2011


After a long 4 months, I finally managed to start drawing again yay!


27 Jul 2011

14 Jul 2011


My illustration this time is of my lovely friend Lucy Isaacs as she wished to be drawn and have finally gotten round to doing it wheey! Looking lovely in a helmet and goggles, you do make me giggle. So here you go glorious :)

13 Jul 2011


Finally Summer is here and college is over! Next step will be Uni ahhhh scary but I'm looking forward to another start. So my final outcome was a layered garment which I based and inspired by the human body and the muscles. Wonderfully modelled by the glorious Panna Kemenes.
Also to show of all our hard work we put on a Fashion show of all our work over the past 2 years at college before we all split off, it was a lovely fairwell.
Anyway, I have a few idea of what and who I shall be illustrating next, seeing as summer is here and waiting for me yay! ^-^ will hopefully update soon!

7 May 2011


Another illustation I done from flicking through i-D magazine again and picking out my favorite images.
Also, I have had a bit of fun using the differnt filters on my photos :)

20 Apr 2011


 Finally I've got round to doing a new illustration, at last. From i-D magazine (issue 312) I came across an interveiw with rapper  Rye Rye and I loved her big smile and patterned clothes.

Adding the dark areas first.

Tah Dah!

30 Jan 2011


Just and illustration of my friend Islay which I done for her birthday a while back :) it's done so she's wearing and Alice in wonderland style dress seeing as we made a surprise Alice in wonderland themed surprise party.