17 Jun 2010

New Illustrations

It been a while since my last illustration, so to make up for it heres two. Both illustrations from collections I like from Middlesex University.
                                     From the collection by Kaisha McCammon.

                                                      And my illustration of Suzan Steuker's design.

10 Jun 2010

Older illustrations

These are just some of the illustrations/ life drawing from college , some of which are from other illustrators who i love such as Laura Laine, Cassandra Rhodin withe her gloomy characters.

My final illustration of my dress  i made. its a layered dress made from silk.

I just love Cassandra Rhodins work with her illustrations looking gloomy.

Barbara Hullaniki design for Topshop

Laura Laine

Showing slight pattern using acrylic and water colours.

9 Jun 2010

GFW 2010

Middlesex University graduate fashion show really was something. Lucy Kenny's collection was very catching and where you look closely on one of the dresses had human teeth. Heres one of Lucy's Garment from this collection.

Heres one of the Garments from Helen Carney, I just love the fullness of this. Its not the best of pictures but you can make out what i mean. 

I am so incredible happy that I got to meet Susie Bubble, thank you so much for for giving up some of your time you made my day. :)

4 Jun 2010

War Paint

War paint fashion section from company magazine June 2010. my illustration from one of the photos, I had a little trouble with the hair but then I guess you'll learn from your mistakes.